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About TranzVia

TranzVia is a leading provider of payment technology services that delivers innovative solutions driven by customer needs. Our partnerships, technologies and employee expertise enable us to provide a broad range of products and services that allow our customers to accept all payment types across a variety of distribution channels in US & Canada markets.

We are headquartered in Plano, Texas and considered part of Dallas' Metroplex, with operating centers in Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee. TranzVia operates in North America with clients, merchants and partners serviced equally across a broad footprint spanning mostly in the United States.

Unlike competitors in the market, namely Independent Sales Organizations, Banks and Resellers, the experienced TranzVia team's creativity and desire to stand out among a crowded low margin industry created our vision to develop a product-set which is different than any other in the United States.

TranzVia seeks to leverage the adoption of, and transition to, card, electronic and digital-based payments by expanding market share through our distribution channels and through acquisitions.  We intend to continue to invest in and leverage our technology infrastructure and our people to increase our penetration in existing markets.

Our objectives include the following:
  • Grow and control our direct distribution by adding new merchants and partners.
  • Deliver innovative products and services by developing value-added applications.
  • Enhance products, develop new systems and services to meet customer needs.
  • Leverage technology and operational advantages across our nationwide footprint.
  • Continue to develop seamless solutions for customers.
  • Provide customer service at levels that exceed our competition.
  • Invest in technology, training and product enhancements.
  • Pursue potential acquisitions.
  • Invest in companies that have high growth potential.
  • Align with partners that posses significant market presence.
Safeguarding Our Business

Privacy and security are central to our service. We work with information security and forensics firms and employ advanced technologies to investigate and address issues related to processing system security. We also work with industry third parties, regulators and law enforcement to resolve security incidents and assist in efforts to prevent unauthorized access to our system.

We use current compliant protocols which create multiple System & Network redundancies for power, communication and unauthorized intrusion.

TranzVia's employees have lineage in the evolution of risk management protocols and systems within our industry.  We have three senior management employees who have either pioneered current transaction monitoring techniques, designed, built and operated risk management systems used by over 60 credit card companies in the US, and have personally managed daily risk management departments at large well known processors.  Although TranzVia is a sales and Service Company, its roots are grounded in mitigating losses.

Fantastic Career Opportunities!
A company is only as good as the employees, at TranzVia we are privileged to work with fantastic, energized people that make our company a great place to work. We make it possible for you to reach the highest levels of success and financial reward.
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